Irvine Locksmiths and their Magical Tools

Sometimes you might feel that locksmiths are in a magical profession. They have the power to bring you out of the most weird and messy situations. They have the power to put an end to your anxiety. In fact, they literally provide you with security solutions. So what are the tools that help locksmiths almost work like magicians? Here we look at locksmiths and their varied range of magical tools.

Having atool in your hands is not enough, one needs to have expert knowledge about the utility of that tool. This is where locksmiths differentiate themselves and Locksmith in Irvine are the experts.

Locksmiths carry with them multiple kinds of tools and every tool has its own functionality. Some tools are for breaking open locks, some are for making new keys, some are for safes while others are for doors and gateways.

There are certain tools that Irvine Locksmiths use as door closers, for hospital locks, deadbolt style gate locks, high security locks and even government locks. The list is simply endless.

Tools used by locksmiths

Some of the most important locksmith tools are:

  1. Plug spinner: spinners are generally used by Locksmith Irvine to raise plugs. The plug of a lock needs to be set in a particular position to set a key. This is the tool that is used for this purpose.
  2. Electronic pick: this tool is used for the more complicated or intricate locks. Combination locks open best when this tool is used. As the name suggests, electronic picks work on electronic locks. Electronic locks are usually made of steel and can have up to six lock patterns.
  3. Tension wrench: these kind of wrenches are also known as torque wrench or torsion wrench. They are mainly used for one purpose: getting to the shear line. Tension wrenches come in different variants: light wrench, rigid wrench and medium wrench. The skill lies in proper manipulation and the right application of pressure on the wrench so that it works properly. The locksmith decides which wrench would serve the given situation best.
  4. Key extractor: the name itself suggests that this kind of tool is basically used to extract keys. Sometimes a key might break in a lock, so the broken key or part of the key has to be extracted from within the cylinder.
  5. Electric pick gun: this is an electrically powered device which is mainly used for drilling activity.It is small in size. When a locksmith fails to unlock alock with the help of all kindsof tools, this is the tool he uses to drill into the lock. This is almost the last device a locksmith would use to unlock a lock.

Apart from these tools there are many other factors which must be considered while judging the effectiveness of a locksmith. The quality of tools, the knowledge, the patience and even the people management skills of a Irvine Locksmith makes them the true magicians of their trade.

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